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Crafted with love, stitched with passion.

All About Me

Dara Lee Paul


I've been sewing since I was 11 years old. Partly because my mom thought it was a good skill to learn, and partly because sewing was taught in grade 7 Home Economics class. As I got older, I sewed out of necessity. Being a tall girl in a small village in Northern Alberta made shopping for clothes that fit me difficult. Over the years, I'd sew when I needed to, or when the mood struck me. When I was expecting my first child, I made some of my own maternity clothes and rediscovered my love of sewing. As our family grew with a set of twins, I sewed to have time to myself and I took great pride in seeing my children wear something I had made for them. Now I sew to have time to think, to solve problems, to relax, and for enjoyment. I feel everyone should be able to express themselves in what they wear and carry; I like sewing with bright colours and prints because they reflect my own personal sense of style. I really enjoy seeing my sewing being appreciated and used by others and always get a kick out of customers who show me something I made for them years ago.